63 Studio is a creative company founded in London in 2016, by a group of passionate designers, developers and artists.

We put our expertise at the service of other professionals and organisations from diverse areas, such as science, education or culture, helping them to reach and attract their respective audiences through effective,  sustainable and entertaining solutions.

What we do?

We help you to communicate value to your audiences.

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Gamification Experiences

Using gamification methodologies, we provide consultancy services for communication and diffusion on diverse areas such as science or daily life. We can develop playful digital experiences that benefit people, institutions and communities.

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Graphic Design Services

From print to digital media, we let our talent and creativity on our customers’ service to help them communicate appealingly and effectively to audiences. No matter how "non-friendly" or "hard" your content might be, we turn it into attractive and fun pieces of communication.


Sinapp 3D

2 players - collaborative game, developed for school interactive instances and massive science and/or educational events. One player aims and shoot, the second one activate 4 mini games to keep a balance in the brain activity and shield.

The game was developed for the Chilean aging-research centre, GERO, to help them diffuse and distribute information and content being studied and developed at the centre.

The main aim is to make people understand the effects of lifestyle in aging: physical, cognitive and social activity, together with a healthy diet.


Sinapp Mobile - Educational Game

Free-to-play mobile game that aims to generate awareness on young and adult audiences about strategies for a healthy ageing. The game was developed in collaboration with a Chilean organization called GERO (Geroscience Centre for Brain Health and Metabolism).


Improving communication between GERO and community

A set of graphic pieces and infographic material was developed for improving GERO (Geroscience Centre for Brain Health and Metabolsim) communication and creating new material for research diffusion.


Carretera - Mobile App

Mobile application that allows the user determine the exact costs involved in a car trip within Chile highways, including also a few Argentinian roads. Since it’s creation on 2014, Carretera has been the only app in Chile which shows and calculate the tolls on the trip, becoming a very attractive and useful tool for both local and foreign users along the country. This app has also become a tool for different truck divers and companies that move loads by land.